Illustrator and Graphic Designer Nichola LytleHi my name is Nichola. 

I am a professional graphic designer and digital illustrator.
I work together with you to communicate with style, innovation and ease.

I can design whatever you need.
I can illustrate in any style.

I have a reputation for being a creative and reliable resource for anything visual.
I can create unique visual languages so that your ideas get noticed!

I am fast, efficient, direct and honest. I have excellent references and guarantee great results. 

I have taught Design and New Media as a Digital Arts college instructor, I am a published illustrator,
have a BFA and I’m nice!

Ive got lots of ideas.
I am always working on something new and trying different ways to connect with a difference.  Sign up here to check out my semi-unregular Pinkdog Designs Newsletter. Share in new projects, inspirations, trends, tips and free designs.

Hire me.

I can lead, follow and/or collaborate – how we work together is up to you.
Contact me for a free style sample, ½ hr draft or free consultation.

I am happy to help. Just tell me what you need.


How does it work?

The Process is Simple And Effective

Q&A: You tell me about You. Your Brand. Your Project Goals.
Concept Development: We discuss the Medium. The Message. The Delivery.
Production: I create. Share drafts. We revise. You proof.
Delivery: Wow! Let’s go!


Technical Expertise/Mad Skillz

I work digitally for fast, immediate results
I’m proficient in digital design, layout, illustration and animation
I work with industry professionals to deliver the best in printing, web, photography, copy and film.
Check out my
LinkedIn Profile for a resume of work. Let’s connect!


Budget & Deadlines

I don’t mess around.
I deliver on time and on budget.


Let’s Get Started

Give me a call or drop me a line.