Mural Design





BC Children’s Hospital

Pinkdog Designs was hired by Aesthetics Inc out of San Diego, CA, to design 10 large scale murals for the BC Teck Acute Care Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC. New works are currently underway for the new Sunny Hill Hospital in Vancouver, designed for children with autism and brain injury.

















Spirit of the Waterfront Mural, Nelson, BC 

The Spirit of the Waterfront Mural was designed to brighten the gas station lot that lay empty along the main entrance to the city. The project was funded by the property owners along with donations from the Trust Community Initiatives Project, NKLT, NDUC, Living Lakes Canada, and local neighbours.








Nelson Public Library

Pinkdog Designs was asked to create large scale murals in a children’s theme for the walls of the new children’s floor in the Nelson Public Library and electrical boxes outside the building.




Baker St Mural, Nelson, BC 

The Downtown Baker St mural was  designed to brighten the experience of walking along Baker St during a time of transition with the closing of the old gas station and the new purchase of the Gyre Building. The mural explored the experience of Downtown baker St with references to local historical building alongside contemporary shops and stores amidst a background of epic natural wonder.





City of Nelson Banners – winter/summer


The banners designed for the main stop signs at the entrance of town were designed to create a welcoming gateway into town while celebrating the cross section of where Baker st meets the newly formed Railtown District. Banners were created for both summer and winter with reference to downtown shopping, recreation, the Railway Station and Cottonwood Creek.





Lamp Post Banner Design


Lamp Post Banner Design


lamp Post Banner Design


Lamp Post Banner Design




Oversize Wall Sticker Series

The Mountain and Ursa oversized wall mural 5 foot stickers were designed for sale from Pinkdog Designs as illustrations first featured in Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine.






Civic Arena Proposal – Nelson, BC

Several years ago, Pinkdog Designs was selected as one of three finalists to design a mural for the Civic Arena and designed and presented this concept art to the Nelson Regional Sport Council. The mural design was inspired by the sports and activities that we love in the Kootenays and the form of panels were created to mirror the undulating landscape of our natural surroundings. A finalist was never chosen for the project, as funding ended up being cancelled, but it was a fun opportunity to design a legacy piece for the City.