Forbidden Delights!

Invasive Species


I personally didnt know much about invasive species until I started working on a promotional campaign for  CKIPC Invasive Species Week. I was a little embarrassed to learn that in my ignorance I almost  ripped up some “Dreadable Edible” Japanese knotweed from the side of the road to transplant into into my garden – because I thought it was “beautiful”. The hidden reality about this invasive species is totally and scarily not pretty. In the UK, the slightest trace of Japanese knotweed on your property – even on your street – is a reason to be refused a mortgage. Underground, its roots – or rhizomes – can spread 7m horizontally and compromise the structure of buildings. Even a fingernail-sized fragment is enough to grow into a whole new plant. I did not know that.

But! it is edible like a selection of invasive species that Rel-ish Bistro in Nelson is serving up for dinner this week. Forbidden Delights. Here is a sneak peek at their menu:  promotional banner, ads, menus, rack cards and facebook page designed & illustrated by Pinkdog Designs:

Invasive Species menu Design