Pinkdog Designs poster for Corazon

Corazon Poster-01


Fun job!  I was asked to design the poster for Corazón’s upcoming concert. I hadn’t yet heard them sing but wanted to do something authentic. I love the idea that they are a youth choir and that someone like their director Allison Girvan is sharing her passion for music with so many. It only took watching a few video clips to see why they are so exceptional. Their music is not your typical stand up straight, don’t move and sing kind of choir. They sway and dance and seem to feel the music deep down in their bones. I loved how the singers seemed like a collective of differences. Each individual seemed to express a uniqueness about themselves while still being part of a cohesive whole. (kind of like life in Nelson BC!)

For the poster design I was thinking of colour and spring and sunlight through stain glass. There was a poster I had seen recently from a San Fransisco design exhibition that overlapped colour and this idea of colours overlapping seemed to lend itself to the way sound overlaps and makes new sounds. With the towers of colour I wanted to convey the way sound travels like shafts of light while showing the rise and fall of sound through changes in colour and how differences in height.

I also wanted to incorporate the look of the tribal tattoo designs that they had drawn on their faces – they remind me of musical signatures and clefs – except more abstract and interpreted – like their music.

“Corazón sings from the heart and has in turn won the hearts of many Canadian audiences in the nine years since it began. This talented and motivated group of young singers from the town of Nelson B.C. has gained a reputation for their blend, intonation and their world music repertoire.” Directed by Allison Girvan, Corazón will be singing this weekend.

I hope you enjoy the poster. See you at the concert!