Pinkdog does e-books!




Just in time for spring Pinkdog Designs worked together with Mycrobz Bacteria Solutions to design, illustrate and publish “Better Bokashi…better earth” a complete guide to Bokashi food waste management (available at here).

Everything you need to know about how to Bokashi better is in this book.

Todd’s e-book is successfully being sold on itunes, barnes&noble and amazon, and we are currently in the works of designing a hardcopy version of Better Bokashi that will be coming to an eco-conscious store near you this spring!

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And… just in case you are wondering  “what is Bokashi?”

Bokashi is a Japanese term for “fermented organic matter” – its kind of like composting but super fast because you add microbes to it (it only takes 2 weeks to ferment and then it can be put back into your garden)!

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Now we Bokashi everything. Once you understand the idea behind it its really easy and very little mess. Even my kids like to Bokashi.

The best part is that now we have way less waste and our garden gets all of the nutrients returned back to the soil.

Better Bokashi…Better Earth!