We won an Award!

The Opening Night is tonight at Touchstones, Nelson – 6:30pm!


What is Roll on Columbia?

Roll On Columbia: Exploring the Landscape and Culture of the Columbia River Treaty explores the complex legacy of the 50 year-old Columbia River Treaty. With the treaty up for possible renewal or renegotiation in the near future, the exhibition provides present-day understanding of the region’s trans-boundary watershed ecosystem, a vast landscape draining water from B.C.’s Rocky Mountains to Astoria, Oregon.


What was the award that it won?

‘Roll on Columbia,’ a multi-format exhibit about the Columbia River Treaty won a prestigious national award for an exhibition from the Canadian Museums Association. The travelling exhibition is showing for the first time in Nelson, and the opening of the Exhibition is tonight!

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 Why did it win?


And then we published a book?

For the opening night of Roll On Columbia author and exhibition Curator Eileen Delehanty Pearkes decided to release a second edition of her book “The Heart of a River”. The idea seemed timely. There are so many ways to represent the Columbia River – through history, geography, politics and culture – The Heart of a River captures something completely different – what it is like to “be” the Columbia River.

When she approached Pinkdog Designs to layout the story for publication, I fell in love with Eileen’s poem. I had never read anything like it. I knew I wanted to illustrate her poem and Eileen bravely gave me full artistic license to do so.

“I felt like I wanted to give back to the river. So much of our mountain culture life is deeply connected to and dependent on water. Many of my projects are in some way connected to the Columbia – whether I am designing for a local business, creating advertising for tourism, promoting water conservation strategies, or encouraging habitat preservation.”

And so it came to be. The Heart of a River was reborn!


What Next?

Well… the books have arrived today and the show is tonight! We are doing our first book sales and signing at Touchstones Nelson this evening at 7:30 pm after Heather Mac Askill’s artist’s talk.

Books are $20/copy. Please bring cash.
We hope to see you there!!!

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