Selkirk College

Pink Dog Designs worked together with the in-house marketing team at Selkirk College to come up with a viewbook design that would directly appeal to a pre-college highschool demographic. The challenge for this project was to create a design that would visually stand out from  competing viewbooks at Undergraduate Admissions Fairs while inspiring students to  feel a connection, engage in the content and register for more information. The look of the design was decidedly doodly, to represent course studies in a visual language of symbols and icons that feel inspiring and fun. Response from the viewbook was overwhelmingly positive although some feedback showed that parents found it difficult to see the institution as being serious enough. In response to parents concerns, the “fun” of the next year’s cover was conveyed in a more subdued and toned down language by using smooth and clean technical style illustrations, a muted color scheme  and less use of “Indie” style fonts.

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  • Selkirk College

    Brochure Cover Design and Rack Cards targeting a 16-19 year old high school student demographic

  • Selkirk College

    Brochure Cover design and interior design targeting young to middle age demographic