Country Christmas



This Sunday! Lots of fun!

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What work looks like in the Kootenays…

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For this project I was asked to illustrate the  members of KAST (Kootenay Association of Science + Technology). With backgrounds in engineering, science, flyfishing, dirt biking and geology, each charicature was drawn to depict their diverse talents and interests representing work & play. Go team KAST!

Work in progress…

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A few more images from my next project…

Thanks to Claire de la Salle from Friends of Kootenay Lake, Living Lakes Canada, and Joe Siderius, Wildlife Biologist for identifying species for the project.

Christmas In Blewett

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Sleigh rides, bonfire, + gymnastics on horses – Christmas party Blewett style!  Hosted by the Nelson & District Riding ClubPoster by






Tech + Kids

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Kootenay Contraption Contest invites kids to think outside of the box, create ideas for the future, and innovate for prizes.

Contest starts next week at KAST (Kootenay Association for Technology) + GLOWS – (Growing, Learning, Opportunities With Science)

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Work in Progress

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A few feet of drafted illustration from my next project – a 265 ft banner called “Spirit of the Waterfront”.

Thank you to Friends of Kootenay Lake and Wildsight who have identified over 60 species of plant, animal, bird and aquatic life living along the shores of Kootenay Lake that will be artistically represented in the project.







Pinkdog goes gold







Thank you West Kootenays for my lovely blue ribbon.







Local Art Show!

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A few more weeks to join the CKIPC and local artists find creative comment on biodiversity in nature + 21 local Columbia Basin artists exhibiting art that explores challenges and benefits of reintroducing salmon to the basin.

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Forbidden Delights!

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“Forbidden Delights” – Re-lish Bistro in Nelson, BC is serving up its second annual delectable palate of invasive species next week in support of Invasive Species Awareness week. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s on the menu… Social media campaign designed for CKIPC by Pinkdog Designs. See you there!


New Logo Day – Apple Tree Maternity

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One of the first questions that came up after first finding out I was pregnant was whether to go with a Midwife or Doctor. Its a complicated decision and I wish I could have had the care of both. In the end I opted for a midwife for my first baby and a doctor for my second, and I am thankful that I got to experience both. The idea of having your midwife and physician provide maternity care together as an all-in-one service just hasnt been an option – that is until now. At Apple Tree Maternity, Kootenay midwives and family physicians have teamed up to provide combined pregnancy, birth and newborn care. Families can receive maternity care with the support of a midwife and physician while connecting with other parents and maternity care services – all in one place!  They are a wonderful team of women and we wish the best for them and all of the families they care for. For more information you can visit Apple Tree Maternity through their facebook page and website.