Clara’s Big Ride

Clara’s Big Ride – coffee from Oso! Quick stamp Design from Pinkdog…


Clara's Big Ride Nelson BC


Saturday May 24, Olympian Clara Hughes will ride into Nelson with Clara’s Big Ride for Bell Let’s Talk, the 110 day, 12,000 km journey around Canada to help raise awareness and action for mental health and help end the stigma around mental illness.


The community is invited to welcome Hughes to Nelson in the afternoon downtown.

A celebration will be set up at the intersection of Hall and Baker Street, next to Gerick Cycle and Ski, to welcome Hughes to Nelson where she will talk to the community about her own mental health story.






Pinkdog does e-books!




Just in time for spring Pinkdog Designs worked together with Mycrobz Bacteria Solutions to design, illustrate and publish “Better Bokashi…better earth” a complete guide to Bokashi food waste management (available at here).

Everything you need to know about how to Bokashi better is in this book.

Todd’s e-book is successfully being sold on itunes, barnes&noble and amazon, and we are currently in the works of designing a hardcopy version of Better Bokashi that will be coming to an eco-conscious store near you this spring!

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 2.16.16 PM


And… just in case you are wondering  “what is Bokashi?”

Bokashi is a Japanese term for “fermented organic matter” – its kind of like composting but super fast because you add microbes to it (it only takes 2 weeks to ferment and then it can be put back into your garden)!

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 2.35.04 PM


Now we Bokashi everything. Once you understand the idea behind it its really easy and very little mess. Even my kids like to Bokashi.

The best part is that now we have way less waste and our garden gets all of the nutrients returned back to the soil.

Better Bokashi…Better Earth!




Infographics – Tell it Like it Is

Infographics explain stats through pictures. They make text less boring and engage the viewer through images/textures/colors and fonts. I designed these infographics for primarily to share survey info with a niche demographic of Silviculture workers who, while out in the bush, may not be interested in reading a 30 page report. (Although it is available if they are.) These infographics are designed to share a snapshot of industry trends in a format that is super easy to check out on a smartphone.

If you treeplanted 20 years ago like I did you may notice that  not much has changed in the industry other than nobody had a cell phone.

If you think your business/organization could enhance its communications through infographics just give me a call : )





Logo of the Day




The BCBushwhacker Logo was created for a social media campaign aiming to creating an online resource for workers from BC’s silviculture sector (forest fire fighter, treeplanters, foremen/women). The textured lettering, stamp-like look and “What You See is What You Get” personality of the logo is designed to show the honesty with which the imperfections of the industry are being looked at, researched and hopefully better understood by this campaign in order to help make this industry better.

New Logo Day….

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Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 12.51.40 PM



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The City of Grandforks hired Pinkdog Designs to create a logo for Grand Forks Family Day Celebrations. In keeping with Grand Forks’ new brand identity the logo was designed to capture the relaxed, friendly and inclusive spirit of this year’s Family Day events. The logo translated easily to their marketing materials, from a giant street banner and posters to prize passes and print collateral. This year’s event is offering free skiing at Pheonix Ski Hill, as well as free swimming, skating food and movie events. If your family is in GF this weekend it looks like a fun place to be!

New Logo day…








Today’s logo was designed for Community Planner Megan Squires. Megan has an impressive resume and was looking to connect her skills with new clients. The criteria for Megan’s logo was to look simple and professional, with a slightly natural feel. The large S initial was designed to look like a final stamp of approval laid over a series of documents layered in behind. The rounded square of these documents alludes to Megan’s ability  to give style to structure while their layered effect demonstrates Megan’s ability to manage multiple tasks as one cohesive whole.

New Logo Day!

Logo Design






50 Shades of Grey…

People illustrator


This is an illustration draft I just finished for a Graphic Novel.  sexy sexy. took me a lot of sketches to find the characters – like casting actors for a movie.

Pinkdog loves Lardeau River Adventures!

Spectacular river rafting trips coming to Meadow Creek this spring. Yes we know its winter but these awesome folks are excited!

oly and sign

New Logo day…

New Logo Day and some photos of the view from my home office because its so pretty today.


Logo Design


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