Late night menu design…

Late night menu board edits for Whitewater Winter Resort ..dreaming of skiing…


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Winter Banners are Up!

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 4.28.46 PMNelson, BC Illustrator Designer

Small town Magic

Holiday family festivities coming our way Dec 6th… sponsored by pinkdogdesigns!

Nelson Elf Walk

My New Canvas!

Biggest canvas so far…

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100th liker-of-Pinkdog Designs-Facebook-page Amy wins a special thank you.

Ive always wanted to do a Kootenay Critters series of illustrated local wildlife restickable wall stickers for kids and with Amy just giving birth to her second boy we agreed that some fun animal characters would be a good subject. 

So far Im thinking a wolverine, painted turtle, pileated woodpecker, a kokanee, black bear …

Any ideas are welcome!



Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood…

Poetry Lives Here –  sweet + simple logo design representing a street installation of poems by local poets for Nelson’s 25th Anniversary Artwalk this year. July 5th Opening Night !




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Read Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken





New Logo Design

Quick Logo Design and Facebook Page Branding for Black Bear Timber Services in Nelson, BC.

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Forbidden Delights!

Invasive Species


I personally didnt know much about invasive species until I started working on a promotional campaign for  CKIPC Invasive Species Week. I was a little embarrassed to learn that in my ignorance I almost  ripped up some “Dreadable Edible” Japanese knotweed from the side of the road to transplant into into my garden – because I thought it was “beautiful”. The hidden reality about this invasive species is totally and scarily not pretty. In the UK, the slightest trace of Japanese knotweed on your property – even on your street – is a reason to be refused a mortgage. Underground, its roots – or rhizomes – can spread 7m horizontally and compromise the structure of buildings. Even a fingernail-sized fragment is enough to grow into a whole new plant. I did not know that.

But! it is edible like a selection of invasive species that Rel-ish Bistro in Nelson is serving up for dinner this week. Forbidden Delights. Here is a sneak peek at their menu:  promotional banner, ads, menus, rack cards and facebook page designed & illustrated by Pinkdog Designs:

Invasive Species menu Design







Pinkdog Designs Goes Live!


Making Sense of New York

Making Sense of New York

Well this is a test.  With the launch of my new website coming up Im checking out my PinkDog Blog to see what it is all about. Kind of like when I checked out the art in New York a few summers ago to see what was going on over there. I collected Gallery cards from every exhibit that I could get to in 4 days and here I am with them on the floor of my brother’s glamorous NY bachelor’s apartment picking out my favourite. It was enchanting. I hope to share my own ideas here on this Blog with you. It will save you the cost of a flight of coming to visit me and give you a glimpse into my life with Pinkdog Designs – the good, the bad and the lovely.